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Cholthicha Srivisal Singapore Pilates Mobility Fitness Rehab

Thicha obtained her Full Pilates certification through both Polestar Pilates and STOTT PILATES (level 2). Thicha also earned a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer status (master trainer) where she trains and certifies new instructors in STOTT PILATES method in Thailand and Singapore.  Thicha is also an instructor trainer in TotalBarre and Zenga (sister brands of STOTT PILATES).

She is a fully STOTT PILATES certified in both level 1 and level 2 for mat and all Pilates equipments and certified in special population and injury.

Thicha is a 200-hour yoga alliance certified. She is a certified Antigravity® instructor and a master trainer for Antigravity® Aerial Yoga and Suspension Fitness in Singapore.

Thicha is also a certified GYROTONIC, GYROKINESIS and GYROTONER trainer and has studied under notable master trainers across Europe and America. She was certified in GYROKINESIS by Juliu Horvath, the inventor of GYROTONIC system, at the GYROTONIC head quarter in Miami, Florida. Later in 2009, she was accepted by Juliu as a Pre-trainer in GYROTONIC and the only Thai and a few in Asia. Other movement studies and interests that have influenced her teaching include Ballet Floor Barre.  She continues to stay abreast of the latest international practices to stay up-to-date and broaden her teaching practice.

Thicha’s background includes extensive Pilates training in the United States, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Thicha studied such diverse topics ranging from osteoporosis to pregnancy, scoliosis, disc herniations, and rehabilitation techniques. Thicha has worked and taught ballet, STOTT PILATES and GYROTONIC for almost a decade. In addition Thicha has also gained much experience working with rehabilitation clients within a dance community.

Additionally, Thicha is an avid Ballet dancer. In her free time, she conducts a ballet class for both adults and children.  She is a performing member and guest teacher at Bangkok City Ballet in Thailand. She earned the Advanced level certification from the Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) in the UK, and is a registered RAD teacher. Additionally, She also holds a Certificate of higher dance education from the university of Surrey, UK.

During her Master degree study at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (M.I.T) and her dancing career in Boston USA, she discovered and embraced Pilates as a way to recover from her disc and ankle injury and to improve and maintain her overall muscle tone and flexibility and to stay healthy and injury-free. She immediately saw the potential to help all population types to develop healthy movement habits.

After suffering a back and ankle injury in 2002, she discovered the rehabilitation and therapeutic benefits of Pilates first hand. She was able to transform her body back into top dancing condition by using various Pilates movements. She made a decision to add Pilates as an integral part of her life and to teach others the profound benefits.


Thicha left a corporate world to follow her dream and share her passion and become a full-time Pilates instructor after 13 years in Banking.  Her last post was a director in one of the biggest global banks.  She was a director heading a derivatives and structured product desk for South East Asia.




1991-1993                         Master of Science in Management (Finance) (MBA)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, USA




1986                                   – Advanced level, Royal Academy of Dance (ARAD)

2002                                             – Won second prize (classical solo open) at the 2nd CSTD Asia-Pacific Dance competition

2006                                             – Certified Polestar Pilates (Studio/Rehabilitation all apparatus)

2007                                             – Certified GYROTONIC and GYROKINESIS instructor

– Awarded Martin Rubinstein Award, Classical Branch,

The Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing, CSTD

– GYROTONER certified instructor

2008                                   – Certificate of Higher Education (Dance education)

University of Surrey, UK

– Registered Royal Academy of Dance teacher (Ballet)

-GYROTONIC Pre-Trainer

2008                                             -Full certified STOTT PILATES and certified in special population and injury.


2010                                             STOTT PILATES instructor trainer (master trainer)

2013                                             200-hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher