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Charell Berg Australia Pilates


Hello, my name is Charell Berg from Sydney Australia.

I have worked full time in the Fitness Industry for over 21 years, teaching Group Fitness and Pilates. I have International Certifications in multiple Group Fitness programs including Certificate IV in Personal Training and hold a Diploma in Remedial Massage Therapy.

I’m extremely passionate about health and wellness, teaching Pilates in studios and run my own Pilates Studio and Clinic.

My Functional programs are designed to improve the way you can function in your day to day activities.

We’ll work on improving your core connection so you can improve any possible posture related issues and build a strong functional body safely.

Join me and discover how fun Pilates workouts can have you looking and feeling fabulous!

My passion for functional Pilates leads me to strive to foster resilience of both the mind and the body in each

Professionally, I offer:

Focused sessions

Clear communication

An understanding of individual learning styles

Thoughtful gradation of movements

Confidence building

Praise and compassionate encouragement as is necessary.