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Agi Falenta Scotland Pilates-Fitness Instructor

Equitness Pilates has been created by Agi Falenta — Pilates and fitness instructor, equestrian, a mum of two, horse and border collie lover and a fitness ambassador from Edinburgh, Scotland.

Agi is an International Presenter who has taught workshops and masterclasses to instructors in UK, India, Turkey, Poland, Dubai and the US. She is a creator of the first Interactive Pilates with Props Manual. She has been a horse rider and International showjumper and now shares her passion for Pilates through her Instagram page and at studios in Scotland, where she currently resides and around the world through her workshops.

“I have practiced Pilates for years but being a bit hyper I have always felt that it is well below my tempo. On the other hand, I didn’t fancy doing high speed exercises that make your shirt soaked in sweat, especially when you want to do a 10 minutes routine on your office lunch break. Having more than 25 years horse riding and show jumping experience I know the importance of strong core and abdominal muscles not only in riding but in everyday life.

So I took what’s best from Pilates, riding and fitness and created Equitness — Agi’s way to do Pilates with a powerful twist.

There is no need to spend thousands on sophisticated gym equipment that looks more like medieval torture machines, when you can use very simple props to target specific muscles groups. Thera-bands, circles, loop bands for adding some resistance, or balls, overballs and rollers to help with mobility issues, joints problems and to challenge balance, stability and strength.”


Kind regards,

Agi x