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Flex MBar 36″


The Flex MBar™ is a modular, 4 bar system, having either single or dual anchor points.

  • Use individually.
  • Combine into different lengths ranging from 6”-36”.
  • Connect to a Flex Disc creating an omnidirectional Flex Roller for the ultimate core workout.

All options are attachable to resistance bands or cable machines.

The Flex MBar™ 36″ comprises 3, 12” long steel bars wrapped in foam with rotating eye bolts.

  • Screw the bar with the open end into a Flex Disc for a variety of multiplanar movement exercises utilizing a 1 or 2 handed grip.
  • Screw the 12” (3) bars together to form a 36” long bar that can have a Flex Kord or Flex Kord Classic attached to one or both eye bolts for a variety of resistance-based training movements.

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