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Human Reformer™ Certification


Enter Human Reformer™ Pilates, where you help students harness the potential of their own body, using it as the ultimate reformer. Using just resistance bands, you can capture all the postural, core, and alignment challenges that reformer work is famous for– courtesy of Pilates mat programming that mirrors traditional reformer exercises.

Infuse your teaching repertoire with the power of possibility when you enroll in our exclusive Human Reformer Pilates Certification. Designed for fitness instructors seeking to marry their affinity of apparatus Pilates with the portability, scale, and accessibility of mat work, this training program promises not just to educate but to transform. Here’s how you’ll elevate your teaching skills and facilitate your students’ full potential:

Unlock the Secrets to Targeted Strength: Dive deep into the art of focusing on specific muscle groups to build functional strength that has previously been unparalleled by reformer exercises, all through the innovative use of resistance bands.

Ace the Art of Alignment: Become a body mechanics guru by learning to perfect and teach the essentials of alignment and core engagement, drastically enhancing posture and minimizing injury risks for your clients.

Be Moved by the Power of Movement: Discover the transformative effects of concentric and eccentric movements, and why they’re pivotal in crafting a balanced, impactful Pilates session.

Forge a Deeper Mind-Body Connection: Explore how Pilates extends beyond physical exercise to cultivate a profound connection between mind and body that’s more needed than ever. Be the vehicle that leads clients to improved balance, coordination, and an enhanced sense of body awareness.

Immerse Yourself in Pilates Core Principles: Bulk up your knowledge of the six foundational Pilates principles and the movement principles that underpin this discipline, setting the stage for expertly informed teaching.
Win at Form and Technique: Proficiency looks good on you as we help you nail down fundamental exercises of the Human Reformer repertoire. While you’ll love the feeling of teaching these majorly effective moves with confidence and precision your students will love how creative the programming is and how unlike anything else they’ve tried.

Design Inclusive and Adaptable Classes: Grow comfortable with the intricacies of programming a Human Reformer class that speaks to every participant–which is baked into the programming due to its easy flow and endless options. Regardless of their fitness level or experience, every student will safely find their edge–making your classes more inclusive, adaptable, and sought-after.
Can be taught strictly on the mat or with bands attached to a barre.

Workshop Includes:
Human Reformer Digital Manual
Detailed Choreography Notes
Live Streaming Workshop featuring a Lecture and a Full 60-Minute Master Class
30-Day Access to Workshop Recording
1 XL Flex Kord and 2 Long Flex Kords