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Flex MBar 6″ Disc Bundle


Combine Flex Disc Mini Set, Flex MBar 6″” and Ring Pads for a variety of grip positions for push and pull exercises.

Flex MBar 6″ Bundle includes:
2 Mini Discs
2 MBar 6″ + 2 Eye Bolts
2 Ring Pads

Flex MBar™ 6"

The Flex MBar™ is a modular, 4 bar system, having either single or dual anchor points.

  • Use individually.
  • Combine into different lengths ranging from 6”-36’.
  • Connect to a Flex Disc creating an omnidirectional Flex Roller for the ultimate core workout.

All 3 options are attachable to Flex Cord Classics or cable machines.

The Flex MBar™ 6 is a 6” long steel bar wrapped in foam with a rotating eyebolt at 1 end.

  • Screw the open end of the bar directly into a Flex Disc for movement with multiple hand position options.
  • Attach a Flex Cord Classic to the eyebolt for asymmetrical resistance training.
  • Convert the MBar™ 6 into a dual anchor point handle by screwing in the additional eyebolt and attaching Flex Cords™ to both eyebolts for a variety of functional training movements.

This product is sold in pairs with 2 removable eyebolts.

Flex Disc® Mini (set of 2)

Flex Disc’s low impact, rolling platform establishes its Ground Movement Training™ system as highly effective for increasing:

Mobility • Stability • Balance • Core-Strength

The mini size Flex Disc® with 6 unique double ball bearing polyurethane wheel construction provides for an incredibly effortless omnidirectional range of motion which can be used on:

Rubber • Carpet • Cement • Wood

Flex Disc’s patented design has:

  • Center hub for removable, twist-click, self-locking handle
  • Attachment points for resistance tubes, cables, springs providing for loaded resistance.

Different than gliding and sliding products, Flex Disc’s provides a stability challenge requiring users to maintain control whether you are performing a stationary (i.e. plank) or dynamic (i.e. lunge) exercise.

Each Flex Disc® mini is 10" in diameter.
The Flex Disc mini set comes with 2 ¾” thick rubber pads that can be placed on top of the disc or on the floor for additional cushioning.

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Ring Pad

The ring pad is designed to fit over an MBar that is vertically attached to a Flex Disc and provide a cushion for the hand.

This product is sold in pairs.