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Flex Kord™ Classic


TheFlex Kord™ Classic with steel carabiners is a great addition to your Flex Disc regimen.

One end clips on to your disc and the other end can clip on to an anchoring point to provide loaded resistance training for stretching or strengthening of the upper or lower body.

It is the only sleeved elastic with the protected sleeve designed to stretch with the inner elastic tubing.

This unique feature enables the Flex Kord™ Classic to stretch up to 5X its relaxed length which gives greater versatility to your exercise program.

Available in 2 lengths.


  • Elastic sleeve protects tubing from sunlight, dirt, nicks, and cuts
  • Elastic sleeve is affixed at both ends to prevent tube from over stretching
  • Compact, low profile makes for easy storage at home or for travel
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